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Why a Good Logo Design is Crucial to Your Brand’s Success

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There are many factors that influence your brand’s success. When building your brand, you want to make sure that you’re focusing on the features that are going to help your brand sell. One such feature that you want to spend some extra time developing is your brand logo.

If you’re the marketing professional for the brand, then your job is to at least point out whether or not the brand logo is suitable and if not, how it can be improved. If your client needs some convincing in terms of changing the brand’s logo, then below are a some top reasons you can use. The reasons below indicate just how important a brand logo is and why it should be a focal point of brand development.

The Face of Your Business

Perhaps the clearest way to put it is that the brand logo is the “face of the business.” The logo is one of the first features that users see when they visit the brand’s website, buy the brand’s product, visit the brand’s headquarters, or become familiar with the brand’s social media page.

As a result, you want to ensure that the brand logo truly encompasses the brand and what it has to offer. In addition, the logo should be clear, attractive, and interesting to the viewer. By covering these points, you can feel more confident that the logo is going to lead to brand success.

A Logo Helps Your Brand Stand Out

With so many brands on the market and in your particular industry, it can be exceedingly difficult to make your brand stand out. Sometimes, your brand’s qualifications, expertise, and quality service or products are not enough to reel in customers. You need to go about and beyond the fray by also ensuring that your brand logo stands out from the crowd.

If you find it difficult to develop a logo that is different from your competitor’s logos, then one suggestion is to analyze the logos belonging to your top competitors. Once you have all of the logos displayed side by side, you should think of ways on how to make your brand logo stand out.

Just keep in mind that the worst way to stand out is through something boring and simple. You want to develop a logo that truly presents your brand in a unique and positive light.

Your Logo is Everywhere

Think of your own experiences with brand logos. When you’re out and about, you see dozens of logos all at once and in most cases, you’re drawn to the logos that are interested and aesthetic. You’re also drawn to logos that represent what you expect from a brand.

Now, translate this personal experience to your brand’s logo. At the end of the day, you want viewers to see your logo and to be drawn to it. Also, because your logo is everywhere, you want to make sure that viewers are seeing something that they look. One major mistake that many brand professionals make when designing logos is creating a number of versions and using those versions all at once.

While this may seem like a strategy to determine which logo is the most effective at drawing in an audience, it ultimately makes your brand too confusing too follow. You need to pick one logo and use that logo for everything that your brand represents.


A brand logo is important because it also lends itself to the notion of association. For example, when you use a tissue or drink soda, your mind automatically associates those words with logos belonging to Kleenex and Coca-Cola or Pepsi, respectively.

The same type of association is going to occur with your own logo. When individuals think of a certain item, they’ll translate that item into a logo and that logo should be your brand. In order to create an association effect, your logo needs to be memorable and your brand needs to be one that users can rely upon, trust, and use for their needs.

At the basis of it, if your brand doesn’t provide its customers with the trust and credibility that they need, then the logo itself will be of no use.

A Professional and Legitimate Business

Another reason that your logo is so powerful and indicative of brand success is that it also relates how professional and legitimate your brand is. When creating a brand logo, one of your main opportunities to show the value and legitimacy of your brand is through the logo.

When creating a logo, it needs to be clean, simple, and professional. There shouldn’t be any guessing involved on behalf of the viewer as to what your brand logo is or what its significance is. By making the right choices for your logo, you’ll be able to attain long-term brand success.

Brand Culture

Every brand has a culture. Some brands like to portray themselves as laid-back social movers, while other brands like to portray themselves as uptight and driven. The surest way that most individuals attain these impressions is through the brand logo. Your brand logo is going to determine what your potential buyers are going to think about your brand.

When creating a brand logo, if your brand culture is laid back, then your logo should be fun, interesting, and creative. On the other hand, if you are a professional firm in the legal or accounting field, then your logo should be neat, clean, and highly professional. Through these cues, you’ll be able to not only represent your brand well and what it has to offer, but you’ll be able to attract the customer base that you think is looking for a brand like yours.

The Focus

Your logo also represents what your brand is focused on. For example, if the purpose and goal of your brand is to be environmentally consciences, then your logo is going to represent that to viewers. Most environmentally consciences brands utilize colors such as green and light blue because for viewers, those colors are ones that relate toward an environmentally friendly attitude.

On the other hand, if your brand is about inspiring romance, then you’re going to represent that through the style and color of the logo. Essentially, your brand can say a lot of things, including where the focus of your brand lies.

Before you choose a brand logo and stick with it, you need to determine where your brand is going and how you’d like viewers to see your brand. Also, you should keep in mind that trends and times change, so you certainly shouldn’t choose something that is too outdated and irrelevant to your audience.

A Marketing Tool

Another function of your logo is that it is your brand’s most important marketing tool. Most brands don’t realize it, but the first and more important feature of their brand is the logo.

Well before potential buyers decide to visit a brand web page or visit the store, they are going to see the logo and decide. Therefore, if you really want to make sure that your brand has an effective marketing strategy, then it is imperative to design the logo in a manner that is going to market your brand as successfully as possible.

Tips for Creating a Logo

When creating your own brand’s logo, there are a number of golden rules to follow. By making the most common logo mistakes, you not only draw away customers from your brand, but you risk the entire success of your brand.

When creating a logo, one of the most important tips to follow is to ensure that your brand’s message is a unique one and the brand message is being pushed through the logo. By ensuring that your logo is different from the rest, you can make your brand more memorable than your competitors.

Another great tip to follow is to ensure that the design is simple, yet interesting. Many brands make the common mistake of creating a brand logo that is over the top. This type of approach not only poses as an unattractive quality for your brand, but it also draws away individuals who may have been interest at the onset.

Finally, you should stay away from using photos to represent your brand or as your brand logo. Photos are not unique and they don’t really give potential buyers any clues about what your brand is or why they should buy it. Essentially – create a logo that belongs to you and that you can be proud of.


Overall, developing your brand isn’t challenging, it just takes time, dedication, and hard work. With the right approach and an understanding of what a logo should be and what it represents to the viewer, you can ensure that your logo is the factor that is going to drive your brand to the forefront of success.

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