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How Media Can Quickly Grow Your Brand

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When it comes to social media and brand growth, marketing professionals turn to the success story of Reebok. In recent years, Reebok has been able to achieve 8,000 percent growth using social media – all in 18 months. If you’re like most marketing professionals, then you’re vying for the same level of growth in the same amount of time. To put it bluntly, you can expect this to be challenging. But, the good news is that despite the challenge, you have all the tools you need right at your disposal – online and offline. Realize that Social Media is Not […]

How to Effortlessly Use Media Buys to Increase Revenue

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 When it comes to the marketing industry, nothing ever really comes easy. A lot of strategies and tips are challenging to implement, especially if you aren’t a seasoned professional in the field. However, while you may not have things come easy to you in the marketing world, at least you can hope that there are ways to make things easier. One particular area worth focusing on is media buys. Media buys is the process of purchasing media inventory for advertising. After you purchase a media buy, the advertisement of your choice is visible to your target audience. You usually find […]