Integrating with Clickfunnels - LeadsFlow Pro

Integrating with Clickfunnels

Integrating LeadsFlow Pro with Clickfunnels is a snap. Here are the steps:

  1. Create your LeadFlow as an “External Flow” and get the custom form once you have configured your flow as you like
  2. First, go to Integrations in Clickfunnels and make sure you have added an HTML form as an integrationcf1
  3. Then, when editing your funnel select the email Icon and change the integration type to your HTML form and select “Integration Existing Form” from the action section
  4. Copy and paste your LeadFlow custom form in to the text box as shown below
  5. Click “Parse &¬†Save Web Form”cf2
  6. Make sure you assign the fields to the available elements so that the required fields are matched to Clickfunnels available fields.
  7. Note, that there are only limited options for custom field assignment in Clickfunnels. In this example we can assign the firstname, lastname and email
  8. To have your funnel go to the next step in the funnel you need to set the redirect as the thank you custom URL in your LeadFlow in the Flow End section.cf3cf4

Now, just test your flow and sign up process and rock on…