Integrating Textdeliver with LeadsFlow Pro - LeadsFlow Pro

Integrating Textdeliver with LeadsFlow Pro


Outbound Integration With Textdeliver SMS System

  1. Create a list in Textdeliver and then get your embed code by clicking on the cog icon as shown below
  2. Generate your actual form and copy and paste the finalized embed code in to a text editor for referencetextdeliver_getcode
  3. Drop the Custom URL element inside your LeadFlow and set Request Type to “Set custom POST and GET variables”
  4. In your embed code, copy and past the URL from the <Form action=”” method=”post”> and paste it in as the URL in your Custom URL element in LeadsFlow Pro
  5. Then, for each field in your Textdeliver form you can create and match up the variables from your flowtexdel_lfp
  6. Test and make sure that your LeadFlow correctly adds the lead to your Textdeliver list.

Inbound Integration With Textdeliver SMS System

If you would like to integrate LeadsFlow Pro in to your Textdeliver service you can easily integrate as part of the form creation process.

  1. Create a list in Textdeliver
  2. Select the Embed Code for the list and when you get to the integrations section select “Raw HTML Form Code”
  3. Create a LeadsFlow and copy the form from LeadsFlow Pro and paste it in to the textbox from section 2 above then click the “NEXT” button
  4. In the “Mapping” window, click each blue row until it is green and then make sure all fields are mapped as you want in Textdeliver


  5. Once done, click on the NEXT button and complete your form.

You are all done. Just text your form and make sure any leads are pushed to your LeadFlow from