Integrating Facebook Lead Ads - LeadsFlow Pro

Integrating Facebook Lead Ads

  1. Login tohttps://developers.facebook.comand create a new app if you do not already have one
  2. Your app will need “manage_pages” permission. If you just want to use your app for personal use create a Test app, otherwise submit your Application for review.
  3. Add this website’s domain to the App Domains
  4. Enter your App ID and App Secret in the boxes below
  5. Click on “Get List of Facebook Pages”. This will retrieve a list of pages you have access to.
  6. Select the page you want to connect to and click “Save & Test Settings.
  7. If the settings are valid you can then create an External Lead Flow and enable Facebook Leads in Flow Start
  8. In the Flow Start section enter any text in the Verify Token field and Save the flow
  9. In Graph API Explorer create a Webhook that uses your Flow’s URL as callback_url, enter “leadgen” for fields used and the verify_token you entered for your Flow
  10. You can use test your flows
  11. Once you receive the first lead data you should check the fields sent by Facebook in the Flow Start box and make sure you use the ones you need.