Integrating CallLoop SMS - LeadsFlow Pro
Integrating Callloop is very easy. Just follow these quick steps.

1. Log in to your Callloop dashboard and select the group you want to integrate in to LeadsFlow Pro
2. Under integrations, select “Custom”
3. It will give you a URL like this “”


4. All you do now is take that link and we add a our parameters from the LeadFlow assuming you have collected the phone number and assigned it to the variable %%phone%% it would look like this:

5. In your flow you would add the Custom URL element and change “Request Type” to “Set custom POST and GET variables”
6. Lastly, copy and paste this modified URL in to that element.
7. Test your flow and make sure your leads phone numbers are passed to Callloop


Note: You can also pass firstname, lastname and email as well if you want to for using in other applications and message personalization. A great example would be creating 1-click LeadFlows for other trainings and automations.