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1-Click Integration with Webinar Jam Studio / Everwebinar

Please note, we do also have direct API integration with Webinar Jam Studio and Everwebinar. However, this method also works with their custom 1-Click integration and the same technique can be applied to other webinar systems that allow 1-Click submission.

  1. Log in to Webinar Jam Studio or Everwebinar to see your list of available webinars and click the Advanced button under the webinar you want to include
  2. Copy and paste the custom 1-Click URL it provides and paste in to a text editor like Notepad


  3. Next, you need to edit the link to include your tags. Replace yourname with %%name%% and your@email.com with %%email%%.
    For example:

    https://app.webinarjam.net/auto-register?webicode=99e4153228&memberid=1234&firstname=yourname&email=your@email.com&countrycode=XX&phonenumber=1234567890&schedule=1Would become:



  4. If you do not have the phone number of the lead then you could delete the “&countrycode=XX&phonenumber=1234567890” part of the URL
  5. If you do have it then you would also need the country code as well in this example. In this case you would need to change this section to: &countrycode=%%countrycode%%&phonenumber=%%phone%% assuming those are the names of the custom fields
  6. Once done, we need to add this new URL to your LeadFlow. Add a Custom URL element and select “Set Custom Post and Get Variables” from the drop down.
  7. Then, just paste the custom link you created with your LeadFlow tags included in to the URL section.


  8. As always, test to make sure everything is behaving as expected