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How to Utilize Content Marketing to Boost Traffic and Sales

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You probably didn’t know the following statistics:

  • 61 percent of consumers feel more confident about a company and are more likely to buy from that company if it delivers custom content (Custom Content Council)
  • 78 percent of consumers believe that a company wants a good business relationship with them if that company delivers custom content (McMurry/TMG)
  • Websites that lead in content marketing see a 7.8 percent increase in yearly growth (Kapost)
  • High quality content marketers are able to improve a website’s conversion rate by 6 times (Kapost)

If you knew the above statistics, you certainly wouldn’t be reading this post right now. That’s right – you’ve been caught. Now, it is time to figure out what you’re going to do about your website’s dismal content in order to improve your traffic and sales.

Improving your webs completely in a manner that achieves your goals is possible, highly recommended, and manageable. All you need to do is follow the guide below and to be willing to make the necessary changes to see the improved results that you’re looking for.

Always Aim for Quality – Always

No, the second “always” isn’t there for show. Truly, you need to focus one hundred percent on the quality of the content that your website produces. While you may not have realized it, but the average consumer can and does tell the difference between “high quality” and “low quality” web page content.

Websites that focus on high quality content are not only able to improve website traffic, but they are also able to adhere to Google’s standards and improve their rankings.

For most website owners and marketing professionals, “quality” is pretty ambiguous. You’ll know you’re producing quality content when:

  • The content is well-researched, evident through fact-based information and legitimate resources
  • There are no grammatical errors in the content
  • The content is well-thought out, exhibited through developed ideas and conclusions
  • It’s clear that the writer has edited the work in a manner that makes the final version shine to both you and your potential audience

Also, you want to keep in mind that quality content can be related to keywords and keyword density. The best content professionals are able to add the right keywords into the content and at a density that is proper.

For example, you certainly don’t want to overstuff the content with keywords and you definitely what the content to flow in a cohesive and attractive manner. Otherwise, you can forget about improving traffic and boosting your sales.

Meta Tags Matter

Meta tags are snippets that appear below your website’s search engine results. Each metadata provides a brief overview of the webpage and what users can expect when visiting it. If you thought that meta tags aren’t necessary, then think again. Websites with well-developed and correct meta tags are much more likely to see improved traffic and as a result, an increase in sales.

When developing your meta tags, there are a number of things that you can do to optimize them for the best results. Optimization efforts should focus on:

  • The Tile of the Page

The length of your meta tag’s page title needs to be below 65 characters. In addition, it needs to give a thorough idea of what your website is about. Most importantly, aim for a unique title. The more unique, the more traffic.

  • Optimize the Description

The meta description is a clear summarization of what your web page is. When focusing on the description, you need to make sure that it informs the reader of what your site is about. In addition, you should also keep the description under 150 characters. Also, don’t forget to keep it unique.

Once you’ve developed a quality meta tag, you can simply add it to your web page and verify that it appears when individuals search for your web page on a search engine of their choice. Your meta tag doesn’t need to be one hundred percent perfect, but it does need to be well-written, concise, clear, and to the point. Out of all the qualities, the most important are well-written and clear. Hit those two targets, and you’re looking at results.

Interesting Content Spotlight – Industry Leader Interviews

Your web content, contrary to popular belief, has to do with much more than the written word. Web content also can include videos and then a transcription of that video. This idea is important to keep in mind because it comes in handy when you’re considering a topic such as a specific industry leader.

Industry leaders are an excellent source for your web content because they are what will give legitimacy and visibility to your brand. When your audience sees that some of the top industry leaders are using your brand, you can bet that they’ll also start using it too.

When creating interview content, there are two ways that you can relay the interview: video content or written content. Each of these options is a good choice, but you just need to ensure that whatever you do, the content is well-executed. By maintaining high quality standards, you’ll be able to get the most out of your efforts. Also, if you are having trouble figuring out how to make connections for industry leader interviews, then a few of the best places to start include industry blogs, the leader’s own web page, and LinkedIn.

Interesting Content Spotlight – Industry News

Another point that you may want to look into in order to boost traffic and sales is industry news. For those who are completely interested in the industry, they will feel much more comfortable visiting and buying brands that relay quality information about what is going on.

When creating content about industry news, make sure that your content team or your third party writers are able to do the research necessary to provide legitimate content. In addition, it is imperative to add a call-to-action at the bottom of the industry news page. With a call to action, readers will know exactly who to follow. The better your writers are able to write the content, the higher the chance your brand has of reaching the views that it needs to boost sales.

Interesting Content Spotlight – A Frequently Asked Questions Page

Another consideration that you may want to try out is a FAQ page. A FAQ page is an excellent way to nurture your leads, which is important because according to DemandGen Report, brands who nurture their leads usually see a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities.

When developing a FAQ page, for the most effective results, you need your content team to formulate a set of questions that your webpage visitors are most likely to ask. But ensuing that every possible question is on there, you’ll be able to boost viewer confidence in your brand and you’ll also be able to cut down the time that your brand has to expert on discussing issues through a phone line.

Interesting Content Spotlight – The Infographic

Infographics are some of the strongest marketing tactics that you have when it comes to content writing to boost visibility and sales. Your web page’s infographic can detail information such as product sheets, “about us,” annual reports, performance, sales, frequently asked questions and resolution, and white papers.

If you aren’t aware though, infographics are extremely delicate territory. Most web pages will implement infographics without doing the proper research, analysis, and outreach to the proper person who can create the infographic. As a result, the end product turns out to do more damage than help.

When deciding to use an infographic as part of your content strategy for leads and sales, you need to be absolutely certain that the company you are reaching out to knows how to get the job done. If you really want to be sure, ask them for samples and determine how well those samples have been for the website owners.

Interesting Content Spotlight – The e-Book

An e-book is perhaps one of the most significant and demanding content jobs that you can commission for your brand. But, it is also an extremely valuable option because it truly does work to improve sales and traffic. With a high-quality e-book, you are able to position yourself as an expert in the industry who has something valuable to say to his readers.

When individuals search online, they’ll see your e-book, read it, and revert to your site and perhaps make a purchase because you have established your brand as one that knows what they are doing and that can deliver on expectations.

When opting for an e-book, you need to be certain that the writer is one who can one hundred percent deliver on quality. Content that is poorly written or not researched well will certainly have an adverse effect upon your brand and the outcome that you are expecting.

The Final Point

Content is one resource that you certainly tap into if you haven’t yet. By focusing on your webpage’s content, you’ll be able to boost traffic. Each of the above methods can also be implemented simultaneously for some excellent results.


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