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How Email Marketing Can Help Skyrocket a Business’ Sales

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For digital marketers, the relevance of email marketing has increased significantly over the years. What was once thought of as a dying platform has now transformed into Jeff Walker, author of the bestseller Launch, describing an email list as, “a license to print money.”

While Walker may be going a little overboard with his description, the benefits of having an extensive email list are undoubtedly vast.

But what exactly is it about email marketing that gives it the ability to help you skyrocket your business’ sales?

Let’s take a look:

Building Awareness Around Your Brand

One of the biggest reasons that email marketing is such a great option for marketers is because of its ability to continually build awareness around your brand.

When someone joins your email list, they are basically giving you permission to contact them on a continuous basis. This generally means that they are interested in something about your business and what you can offer to them.

While many businesses use email marketing as a way to promote their products or services, Chris Baggott of Marketing Sherpa points out that it is best used in combination with content marketing.

Providing useful content to your email subscribers on a regular basis will keep your business in front of your potential customers and help you build awareness around your brand.

This is also useful in the fact that there are several easy-to-use software tools out there that allow you to send automated emails to individuals as they subscribe.

So, once they sign up, all of your subscribers are presented with the same content and preferably provided with information about what can be expected from you as time goes on.

This means that the name of your business, along with what you provide for them, is continually in front of your target market; effectively extending your brand awareness.

Creating Dependency

Once again, email is best used in combination with content marketing. If you are not creating useful content that solves problems for your readers, there really is not much reason for them to continue to subscribe to your list.

But, if you are able to prove that your content can solve their problems, some amazing things begin to happen.

Joe Pulizzi, author of Content Inc., talks regularly about the importance of creating content that can force your readers to become dependent on what you have to offer.

What this means is that you focus your efforts on becoming the go-to person for solving the unique problems of your target market.

As you do this, you create a dependency on your business that will inspire your customers to purchase your products or services based on the idea that they are already aware that you can solve their problems and eventually feel that they need what you have to offer.

This also falls in line with the law of reciprocation that Robert Cialdini talks about in his bestselling book Influence.

Cialdini describes the reciprocation law as one of the most effective forms of natural persuasion available in a sales person’s arsenal.

With that in mind, making it a part of your email marketing campaign by continually giving people something that is useful to them should be a top priority of yours.

Improve Communication Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is the problem of efficiently communicating with their target market.

While marketing can be described as a process that involves attempting to effectively communicate with a target market across a number of different platforms, there are very few efficient ways to go about this process.

Email marketing makes this much simpler because it basically guarantees that your intended audience will have the opportunity to see what you are trying to provide to them.

The idea here is that if someone subscribes to your email list, they can more than likely be considered to be a member of your target market.

With your list, you then have the opportunity to reach them at any time that you would like and cater your message to whatever you feel their unique needs are at that particular time.

It is much less likely that your message would be heard in a Facebook or Twitter feed that is overcrowded with a constant flow of stories, retweets, and shares from hundreds of other individuals and brands.

Easier to Test Conversions

Possibility the biggest reason that email marketing has such high potential for helping a business skyrocket their sales is due to how easy it is to test conversions.

Most email providers offer a stream of data that can be analyzed regularly to test best practices for optimizing for conversions.

Comm100, a communications solutions firm, says that one of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that it makes email testing so much easier because of the ability to randomize the testing process.

They go on to say that testing conversions on your website are effective, but there is always the risk that some of the information you are receiving is coming from repeat visitors.

The basics of A/B testing with email are actually quite simple. All you have to do is split your email list into two and test whatever you are looking to test at the particular time.

There are dozens of different concepts that you can test with this method and the randomization makes it much more likely that you will receive reliable results.

Avenue to Launch a New Product or Service

As was mentioned in the introduction of this article, Jeff Walker has referred to an email list as literally being a, “license to print money.”

Walker is the creator of the Product Launch System that has helped him and others make hundreds of millions of dollars with little other than an email list and solid copy.

While you will want to read his book or further research his formula for more detailed information, the basis of it is that you use emails to build anticipation and intrigue around an upcoming product or service launch.

He advises those using the launch formula to send regular emails prior to their launch that will be seen as extremely useful to the recipients.

From there, you are able to identify yourself as having the ability to solve the problems of your readers while also providing a psychological motivation for those recipients to want more from you.

Once again, this is an extremely basic description of what Walker’s formula is based on. The point of it is, however, that everything in the formula is based around email marketing and the building of an email list.

And, with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of success, you would be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to speak on this matter than Walker.

The Final Word

One of the things that are important to realize about email marketing is that it is not an exact science. While there is plenty of information out there pointing to the right and wrong way to do things, the only way to know for sure what will work for your campaign is by testing different methods.

Kristina Allen, of Conversion XL, talks about the role that A/B testing plays in generating leads and sales through your marketing efforts. In one of the articles delivered on the site, she mentions that you should regularly test things like the subject line, sender name, and the day and time that you send your emails.

As time goes on, you will be able to develop a better understanding of when and how to receive the best response rates.
At the end of the day, there is no doubt that email marketing has the ability to help skyrocket a business’ sales. In order to do this for your business, however, you should focus on continually testing and improving how you go about utilizing this marketing tactic.

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