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How Effective Copy Can Boost Sales Through the Roof

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The job of any copywriter is to connect with their intended audience and influence an action to take place. Most of the time that involves using effective copy to coerce someone to buy something.

Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers are unaware of just how important writing solid copy is for their sales process.

As Influence Guru Richard Wilson says, this is an area that you can really jump ahead of your competition because most of your competitors greatly underestimate the power of writing solid copy.

He goes on to say that he has seen multiple instances where a change in nothing more than the quality of copy resulted in double the sales.

But what is it about copy that makes it so important and so vital to your business’ success?

Let’s take a deeper look into just how effective copy can boost your sales through the roof:

Connecting With Your Target Market

One of the biggest reasons that great copy can create such a massive shift in sales is because it will have the ability to truly connect with your target market.

Most copy written by amateurs is done so in a way that sounds salesy and unappealing.

A good copywriter, on the other hand, will research the goals, dreams, fears, wants, and needs of your target market and enable them to connect with potential customers through their writing.

They do not just go after the demographics of consumers, but instead truly make an attempt to understand them on a completely different level.

The best part about creating this connection is that it gives your audience the feeling that you are truly aware about what goes on in their lives, and can therefore help solve their problems.

This is an effective way to not only create immediate sales, but to also build loyalty within your target market as your customers realize that you know them better than they even know themselves.

It Guides Them Through the Purchasing Process

A lot of business owners and marketers struggle with putting together an effective and efficient way to guide their customers through the purchasing process.

Think of how many sales pages that you have seen that are long, loaded with confusing information, and force you to ask yourself, “I’m not even sure what I need to do here?”

This type of copy can be absolutely deadly for a business and will significantly limit conversions.

It is quite clear that attention spans of consumers are at an all-time low.

The Statistic Brain Research Institute recently pointed that the average attention span for a person in 2015 is 8.25 seconds. For some perspective, that is less than the attention span of a goldfish.

With this information, it is obvious that keeping the attention of potential customers is not easy.

Effective copy, however, will enable you to guide consumers through your sales funnel and point them in the proper direction to become a conversion and hopefully make a purchase.

Your goal with your copy should always be to put your visitors in a situation where they know exactly what to do.

There should be as little confusion as possible and whether they convert or not should come down to if they really want or need that product or service at the time.

At the end of the day, no visitor should ever come to your website and have to ask themselves, “So, what do I do now?”

It Develops Trust

While this is similar to the part about connecting with your target audience, the concept of using copy to develop trust is something that should be explored on a deeper level.

This usually involves using social proof in a straight-forward manner.

The power of social proof is something that has been reiterated for decades by many different persuasion, marketing, and copywriting experts.

Persuasion guru Robert Cialdini dedicated an entire chapter of his bestselling book Influence to talking about social proof and just how powerful it can be.

The problem with displaying proof that your product or service is effective, however, can be a difficult task.

Effective copy will allow you to do this concisely and will therefore enable potential customers to see exactly what your product or service has done for others, and can do for them as well.

In Neil Patel’s Definite Guide to Copywriting, he talks about the importance of being as specific as possible with your proof.

Very specific numbers sell because they give the perception to your customers that you are telling them the truth.

Saying something improved conversions by 138% is much more effective than saying something improved conversions by over 130%.

At the end of the day, the goal here is to quickly show potential customers what your product or service can do for them based on the specifics of what it has done for others.

It Can Be Tested to Optimize Conversions

One of the greatest things about copy is that it can be easily tested and therefore optimized for even greater conversions.

This allows you to reach and sometimes even exceed your sales potential because you end up using what you know has been proven to work.

Far too many business owners and marketers get stuck in a trap where they simply evaluate a single page of copy.

If the copy does not work, they put their head down and chalk it up as a loss.

Instead, copy can and should be tested on a regular basis to be sure that it is properly connecting with your target market.

This allows business owners to maximize the potential of the copy and be sure that they are putting out the best possible content for their customers.

Testing copy is not as difficult as many may think. There are thousands of articles throughout the web that can serve as guides for getting you started with this process.

Copyblogger’s article about split-testing is a great place to start.

The Final Word

Overall, far too many business owners and marketers underestimate the power of copywriting to help maximize sales.

Developing the skill to write great copy is something that can result in tens of thousands of dollars in sales increases for your business and can have significant long term benefits as well.

Make the commitment to optimize your copy and see for yourself just how effective it can be to significantly boost your sales.

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