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Conversion Optimization Tactics that Generate Loads of Sales

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As a brand manager from a business or service, one of your main goals is to generate as many sales for the company as possible through marketing tactics. Sale generation comes in many forms, but many marketing professionals are currently turning to the wonders of conversion optimization.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the rate of visitors to a website so that those visitors take any type of action on the website. As expected, the most desirable result is that the visitors will make a purchase on the website, thus generating a sale. The higher the conversion rate on your website, the higher the chance you’ll generate sales.

Throughout the entire process, the easiest aspect is gaining visitors to your website. The challenging part is using conversion optimization to generate sales. If you’re struggling with this point, then there are a number of tactics that you can implement to achieve your goals.

With more sales, you’ll have a satisfied client and a brand that is flourishing under your supervision. There really isn’t anything that a marketing professional could want more.

Get to Know Both Your Customer and Potential Custom

Getting to know your current customers as well as your potential customers is a highly effective way to improve your conversion rate to generate leads. By understanding what your current customers and potential customers are looking for in a product or service, you can tweak your webpage to meet their needs.

The best way to figure out what your current customers and potential customers want is to issue a survey and in exchange, provide them with an exclusive promotion. This way, not only do you have some data to work with, but you can also determine what it will take to turn those potential customers into buyers when they visit your website.

Redesign the Landing Page

When users look for products or services to purchase, they rely upon search engine results to direct them to a page and they also rely upon the information on the landing page to help them making an official decision.

With that, another way to increase your conversion rate is to first ensure that your landing page is optimized in a manner that will lead to higher conversions.

A few of the best practices include creating a landing page with amazing headlines, effective photographs and images, persuasive subheadings, explanations about your product or service, value propositions, benefits of your product or service, and testimonials about the trustworthiness of your brand.

With the right kind of landing page that you’ve developed using some of the best tactics, you’ll be able to generate leads that transform into the sales that you’re trying to achieve.

The Brand’s Logo

Your brand’s logo represents your brand and your brand’s story. When website visitors do not like your logo, you may find it challenging to make sales. With a poor logo in place, users will be discouraged from buying into your brand and understanding more about what it has to offer.

As a result, another effective strategy that you can undertake to increase conversion rates for more sales is to revamp you brand’s logo. Your logo should represent your brand, what it has to offer, and tell the brand’s story.

Achieving these goals through one image may seem like a challenge, but if you’re looking for inspiration, then you can always look at other brand logos.

Short Form

A short form is a popup that you can present on our landing page when a user visits the page. The shot form encourages the users to register to the website or subscribe to the newsletter in exchange for a promotional code. With a short form in place, you’ll not only gain a higher conversion rate, but you’ll also use those new converts to gain sales for your products or services because they’ll have a promotional code that they can use on their first buy.

Another advantage of short form is that it helps keep visitors up to date about your website. For example, you can send out information about when a new product is being rolled out or when a large scale sale is happening. By providing potential buyers with news, you’ll gain more visitors and more sales.

A Call to Action with a Sense of Urgency

A call to action is a necessary component for any page looking for a higher conversion rate, but if you really want to take it a step further and move those visitors to buying customers, then you need to add a sense of urgency to the call to action.

A sense of urgency can be described as a line that explains to the visitor that they stand to benefit if they buy now, rather than later. For example, you can add in the call to action that if they buy now, they’ll get free shipping or if they buy in the next few years, they’ll get a promotional code for a discount at check-out. These types of strategies encourage visitors to buy, and as a result, you’ll see your sales grow.

Top Selling Products

When it comes to conversion rates and sales, your top selling products are some of your greatest assets. You can promote your top selling products on social media accounts, have users discuss what they love about them, and instantly see the conversion rate for your website increase through the link-back to your site.

Once users get to your website, you should add another layer to the mix and present a feature of the promoted product. For example, indicate on the landing page that “X” is your top selling product and press the viewer to “buy now.” These tactics will boost your sales and also increase interest in other products.

More Information for Costlier Products

When it comes to low priced products, users don’t need as much information to convert to a sale. However, if you’re dealing with something expensive, then you’ll need to put a lot more effort. For high selling products, users want to know why they should invest their money in the product and the benefit of their investment. The more information that you provide, the higher the chance you’ll generate a sale.

Add More Landing Pages

The importance of a landing page has been discussed at length, but what hasn’t been addressed is the option of adding numerous landing pages for higher conversions. With more landing pages, you can increase the number of offers and present your products or services on different platforms. Just make sure that when you make these landing pages, you’re making them wholly unique.

Loss Aversion

Loss aversion is a real thing and it can have a significant impact on your marketing. Loss aversion is a psychological principle that indicates that because people are much more prone to fearing loss, they’ll do anything to prevent it. When it comes to marketing, converting, and generating sales, add loss aversion to your landing page.

For instance, indicate to the visitor that they’ll lose out of they don’t purchase the product or service and explain why they’ll suffer from a loss. Loss aversion is one of the easiest tactics to implement and it can show substantial results by incorporating it.

Bullet Points to Get Your Point Across

Sometimes, visitors to your website are looking for information quickly. The more block text on a page, the lower the chance you’ll be able to convert those visitors into buyers. To prevent this issue, another tactic that you should try implementing is to add bullet points to your landing page. The bullet points don’t need to be everywhere – and they shouldn’t be, but they do need to be placed in a manner that simply makes the page easier to read and the text more understandable.

Technical Words Won’t Get You Anywhere

When creating a page for higher conversions and sales, many brands tend to use complicated jargon and terminology is extremely difficult for the visitor to understand. If the visitor doesn’t know what you’re offering or if they feel that your text is too technical, then chances are they are going to take their business elsewhere.

Therefore, the alternative option is to create a page that is clear, concise, and easy to understand for the buyer. Swap out the large words for easy and common-place sayings so that your visitor feels comfortable buying.

The Importance of Your Product

Finally, another tactic that works well for most marketing professionals who are looking to gain conversions and sales is to display the importance of the product or service and how it was developed. By indicating the value of the product to the brand itself, that value will translate to the value that potential buyers will give it. With that, those who visit the page will be more likely to purchase something that the brand developers felt so strongly about. Overall, with this tactic and others, you can gain the high conversions that the brand is aiming for.

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