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Why Accurate Analytics are Essential for Business Growth

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The growth of analytics in business has been astounding over the years. What was once something that only large businesses and corporations did has now become essential for even the smallest of businesses. Data analysts are being hired in just about every industry and have an estimated job growth of about 7% from 2012-2022. These positions are becoming essential employees that help executives and business owners break down how they can scale and grow their business. As this is happening, there has also been a significant rise in the simplicity of generating accurate analytics for businesses. New software is being […]

3 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Leverage More Traffic from Search Engines

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Generating organic traffic, or traffic from search engines, is absolutely necessary in an age where consumers are constantly using their desktops and mobile devices to search for what they are looking for. A recent statistic provided by Mashable states that there are over 100 billion searches through Google on a monthly basis. Even more interesting, more than half of those searches come from mobile devices. While those are some pretty staggering numbers, the fact that consumers do a lot of searching through Google is probably not a surprise to you. You are probably well aware of the fact that your […]

How Effective Copy Can Boost Sales Through the Roof

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The job of any copywriter is to connect with their intended audience and influence an action to take place. Most of the time that involves using effective copy to coerce someone to buy something. Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers are unaware of just how important writing solid copy is for their sales process. As Influence Guru Richard Wilson says, this is an area that you can really jump ahead of your competition because most of your competitors greatly underestimate the power of writing solid copy. He goes on to say that he has seen multiple instances where a change […]

6 Tips for Creating a Super-Effective Lead Generation Strategy

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Lead generation has changed drastically over the last 5-10 years. The evolution of digital marketing has made it easier than ever for businesses and marketers to generate leads at an accelerated pace. This movement has also led to lead generation becoming much cheaper than it has ever been before, which is mostly due to the fact that the emphasis on paid advertising is slowly dissolving. As Ryan Lynch of Hubspot tells us, we are currently living in an age where your audience wants their attention earned instead of bought. Consumers want you to prove to them that you have what […]

Why a Good Logo Design is Crucial to Your Brand’s Success

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There are many factors that influence your brand’s success. When building your brand, you want to make sure that you’re focusing on the features that are going to help your brand sell. One such feature that you want to spend some extra time developing is your brand logo. If you’re the marketing professional for the brand, then your job is to at least point out whether or not the brand logo is suitable and if not, how it can be improved. If your client needs some convincing in terms of changing the brand’s logo, then below are a some top […]