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How to Properly A/B Test Your Landing Pages

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You’ve likely heard of it, but like most marketing and website professionals, you have yet to implement it. According to Marketing Charts, the current consensus is that most consider A/B testing to be an “advanced and difficult methodology.” It’s time to be honest. The most difficult part for most people regarding A/B testing is that it sounds challenging. When one thinks of A/B testing, the notion of “test” and whatever “A/B” means just doesn’t sound appealing. It’s too scientific, ultimately making it a significant turn off for most individuals. But at the end of the day, what you really need […]

Landing Page Optimization Tips that Help You Capture More Leads

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According to Econsultancy, a mere 22 percent of businesses are pleased with the conversion rates. Chances are, those who are dissatisfied are not optimizing their landing page for more leads and even more likely is that you don’t want to be part of the group that is unhappy with their landing page. Your website’s landing page is at the heart of the first impression that your site’s visitors are going to get. With a high-quality landing page that is optimized for higher traffic, you’ll be able to gain more leads. For those who are beginnings at landing page optimization for […]

How Email Marketing Can Help Skyrocket a Business’ Sales

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For digital marketers, the relevance of email marketing has increased significantly over the years. What was once thought of as a dying platform has now transformed into Jeff Walker, author of the bestseller Launch, describing an email list as, “a license to print money.” While Walker may be going a little overboard with his description, the benefits of having an extensive email list are undoubtedly vast. But what exactly is it about email marketing that gives it the ability to help you skyrocket your business’ sales? Let’s take a look: Building Awareness Around Your Brand One of the biggest reasons […]

5 Easy Lead Generation Tactics that Create Sales-Ready Leads

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The ability to generate leads is the lifeblood of each and every business. Once the well of prospects dries up, so too does your ability to make sales and generate profit. Blue Valley Telemarketing describes lead generation as the act of establishing interest with your target market in the products or services that you have to offer. As any business owner or marketer knows, however, this is easier said than done. And, even when the leads and prospects are found, they usually are nowhere near sales-ready. So how do you generate leads that are ready to take action and purchase […]

7 Conversion Optimization Tricks That Will Boost Your Bottom Line

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Conversation rate and bottom line are two hotbeds of discussion among businesses. Econsultancy points out that only a dismal 22 percent of marketing professionals are pleased with the conversion rate they are achieving for the companies that they work for. There are many conversion optimization strategies that can help you improve sales and subsequently, your bottom line. As Econsultancy also indicates, the best way to achieve an improvement in your bottom line is through a structured approach when improving your conversion rate. With a structured approach in place, your business is twice as likely to see a significant increase in […]