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Best Conversion Optimization Practices for Any Business

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If you’re a business owner, you are more than likely well aware of the role that conversion optimization plays in the success of your business. Even the slightest of increases in your conversion rates can have a dramatic impact on the revenue that you generate from a launch or on-going product sale.

Unfortunately, however, it can be difficult to keep up with the best practices to optimize your conversion rates and generate paying customers.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best conversion optimization practices for any business:

Make Things Easy For Consumers

If there is one conversion optimization practice that you should undoubtedly commit to, it is the practice of making things easy for consumers. Whether you want them to sign-up for your email list, read your content, or purchase your product, it is absolutely imperative that you make it easy for them to do so.

The Statistic Brain Research Institute performed a study in 2015 that found that the current average attention span is about 8.5 seconds. That number is 3.5 seconds below what it was as recently as 2000.

But it is no secret that the attention spans of modern day individuals are as short as they have ever been. What does seem to be a secret, however, is what the best methods are for actually grabbing their attention.

The most straight-forward answer to that secret is simple – create short concise copy and make it easy for your consumers to do what you want them to do.

The power of simplification can be astounding. Consider the case study of Underwater Audio. When they made the decision to have their website redesigned to a simpler design structure and test it against their old design that featured excessive wording, they experienced a conversion rate increase of 261%.

While those results are impressive and may seem a bit unrealistic, they do speak to just how much of an effect simplification can have on conversion optimization.

At the end of the day, your main goal for simplifying conversion optimization should be to prevent your visitors from ever having to ask, “So, what do I do next?”

Utilize Videos

The popularization of videos as a conversion optimization tactic has been continually increasing over the years. Businesses are starting to utilize testimonial videos, white board animations, and product overviews to increase the connection between business and consumer.

And it has seen its fair share of positive results.

Fashion retailers saw a 134% increase in conversions when they used videos to show people wearing their product. Similarly, conversions for a fitness product increased by over 45% when they included a video describing their product rather than a page that featured nothing more than a long sales letter.

Need more proof about how powerful video can be?

Consider that, as reported by CrazyEgg, over 70% of people say that they would be more willing to buy a product after viewing a video related to a product. Their site also features a prediction saying that, by 2018, over 75% of all web traffic will be video related.

But how exactly do you go about creating videos that increase conversion optimization?

Well, for one, you should focus on creating simple, concise videos that are done in a conversational tone. CrazyEgg continues in another article about other ways that you can go about creating videos aimed at converting customers.

Create Urgency

One of the biggest mistakes that modern businesses make with the selling of their products deals with a lack of urgency.

Lack of urgency is something that sales legend Zig Ziglar talked about numerous times as one of the five main reasons that a sale is not made. And there is good reason for that.

Think about your own purchasing decisions. If you were an iPhone fan and Apple came out and told you that the new iPhone would be $300 cheaper within the first week, how much more pressed would you feel to buy it now?

Or what if you were a major fan of a certain speaker that is coming to present at a location that only has 200 seats available? How much more urgency would you feel that you need to go and purchase your ticket as soon as they go up for sale?

Marcus Taylor, an entrepreneur who has been featured on TedX, stated that creating urgency for his musician based product actually yielded him an increase in sales of over 326%.

In his article, he talks about the different ways he went about creating urgency while also stating that combining scarcity with urgency can create a very lethal combination.

Utilize Testimonials

This one may seem obvious, but so many businesses are unaware of exactly how to do this.

How many times have you visited a website and seen a testimonial that features ‘Molly P. from San Francisco’ saying something generic like, “great product, great service”?

How much does that really prove to you about the credibility of that business? More than likely nothing.

Instead, businesses should focus on utilizing the power of images and video for their testimonials. Customers want to see other people, just like them, enjoying the benefits of your product or service.

On top of personalizing your testimonials with images or video, another highly effective strategy is seeking out authority figures to show their support. Being able to show that recognizable names or brands trust you will make it much more likely that new customers will do the same.

Always Be Testing

As UnBounce recently showed, there are several methods that are considered ‘best practices’ that may not be as effective for conversion optimization as you think.

Gregory Cioffi, the author of the article aimed at debunking best practice myths, goes on to say that nothing is ever universal in the conversion optimization world and, for this reason, everything should be tested regularly.

Whether it is the length of your copy, a debate over word usage, or the utilization of social proof in your offer, testing is the only way to be sure that what you’re doing is maximizing your chances for success.

While there are several marketing experts out there that claim to have the definite answer to optimizing your site for conversion, you will truly never know what works best for your business unless you regularly perform tests and properly analyze the results.

Just as sales representatives are familiar with Alec Baldwin’s ‘always be closing’ speech in Glenbarry Glen Ross, marketers should become familiar with the terms ‘always be testing’.

The Final Word

Overall, your ability to improve your conversion rates will come down to your willingness to continually test your strategies and improve as a marketer. While there are several other ways that you can go about optimizing your site and generating more conversions, these best practices should serve as a solid guide to get you started.

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