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5 Social Media Tactics that Generate Sales-Ready Leads

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When it comes to marketing and sales, you’ll find that there are many different types of lead stages – the most preferable stage being “sales-ready.”

The trouble with “sales ready” leads is that marketing professionals often are not in clear consensus regarding what sales ready lead is. Most importantly and contrary to popular belief, a sales ready lead is not a lead that is ready to buy. The clearest and most appropriate characterization of a sales ready lead is someone who is in the buying group and expresses interest in the solution that your brand has to offer, whether it is a product or service. In addition, the lead is open to meeting with a sales representative and intends to move ahead with the inquiry process.

Moreover, there are three stages involved in the buying journey. Your social media tactics need to address every stage of the journey for the most effective results.

  • Early Stage

Individual is aware of the business, is looking to purchase a product or service, and will engage with the business on their social media page by sharing information.

  • Mid-Stage

At the mid-stage, the individual take the shape of a lead by showing buying behavior by looking at buying guides and calculating rate of return on the investment.

  • Late Stage

The late stage is the easiest stage to deal with. This stage is looking at pricing, sales offers, and to speak to a sales representative.

In order to simplify the process, some marketing professionals have undertaken the task of scoring their leads. Scores are usually based upon demographics and interaction with the brand. In addition to perceived value, the lead is also scored based upon the chance that they will buy your product. Your goal is to take the low scoring leads and turn them into high scoring leads. For leads who already score high, you simply want to push them to make that sales appointment with a representative.

To ensure that you’re on the right path in terms of your sales ready lead, below are the most crucial and beneficial tactics that you should implement to achieve the sales-ready stage.

Update Content on a Constant Basis

Those who are forming to become sales ready leads can be at any stage of the buying process, but one thing that they all have in common is that they exhibit interest in what you have to offer and they are also looking for more information.

For this reason, the first thing that you need to focus on is to update content on a constant basis. The most effective way to achieve this goal is to create a social media content schedule. With a schedule, you’ll be able to maintain consistency with your posts, you’ll be able to generate time-sensitive content, and you’ll also be able to keep up to date with the “411 Rule,” which states that you post four education posts for every one promotional post. Your content schedule can be implemented through different kinds of programs, so it is only a matter of choosing one that best suits your needs.

Your posting schedule should focus on every aspect of your social media campaign. For example, you should post on blogs, on your social media accounts, and on other sites to further your visibility online. The more you stay true to your social media campaign, the more information you can provide your sales ready leads that will induce them to make a purchase.

The Value of Your Product on Social Media

After you’ve developed a solid basis regarding your social media campaign and informational posts, the next stage is to present the value of your product on social media. Because the sales ready lead has an interest in a solution and what your brand has to offer in terms of that solution, posting information is the optimal route available.

When creating content that exhibits the value of your product, you should highlight product features, what your product is ideal for, who is your typical buyer, how your buyers have benefited, and how the features are helpful in the long term and short term. By explaining these value points, you’ll be able to develop more sales ready leads. The content can come in the form of a buying guide, reviews, and testimonials by existing clients. If you’re looking for a particularly creative and engaging option, then creating a video about your product or service is also a useful.

A Lead Generation Quiz

If you’re looking for a particularly fun and engaging option to generate sales ready leads on social media, then you may want to consider creating a lead generation quiz. With a quiz, you’ll be able to impact your quiz taker with the quiz questions themselves. The quiz questions can guide the quiz taker and link their answers to the features of your products or services.

When developing the quiz, the most important points that you want the quiz to feature include images, engaging information, and value to the quiz taker. Once the quiz comes to an end, you can make the quiz shareable on social media pages. In addition, you should also present the viewer with an opt-in form so they can also get the results to their email.

Lastly, when generating the quiz, it is important to ensure that the quiz is just the right length. If it is too short, you risk not allowing the quiz taker to develop enough interest. On the other hand, if the quiz is too long, you can cause the quiz taker to lose interest. In addition, the results of the quiz should be too the point and fun for the quiz taker to read.

Track Performance on Social Media

Another important strategy that you want to be sure to implement is tracking performance on social media. Tracking performance is necessary to see how well you’re implementing your current strategies and it can also work to help you develop existing efforts.

If your brand is big on using social media such as Facebook, then one useful tool is Facebook Insights. With Facebook Insights, you can determine how many times your posts are clicked on, who is interacting with your posts, what your market looks like, and click through rates.

By having insight into your social media, you’ll be able to verify which posts require more efforts and which ones you should stop using. Those with more clicks are obviously the ones that you should gear your efforts towards at the end of the day.

By tracking performance, you’ll be able to cultivate more sales ready leads because you’ll be posting content that is more effective and useful to the viewer. At the end of the day, leads who are sales ready are looking for information that is going to offer them value and that will further their decision to purchase your product or service.

You Still Need to Nature

Lastly, if you have a sales ready lead that isn’t prepared to buy yet – but is pretty close – then the nurture process comes in handy. By nurturing your leads on social media, you’ll be able to take those individuals who are on the fence and covert them to sales ready leads.

To nurture your leads on social media in a manner that is going to turn them into sales ready, you should aim to engage and communicate with these leads every three to four weeks. The nurture process includes presenting information to these leads, inquiring about their buying intentions, asking if they’ve found any products that they are interested in, and sending information that aligns with their inquiries.

The more effort you put into turning these leads into sales ready leads, the sooner you’re going to get an indication from these individuals that they are prepared to speak to a sales representative.

Remember the Core Tenants

Finally, when generating your social media campaign to cultivate more sales ready leads, it is necessary to make sure that you are fulfilling the core tenants of the process. By focusing on the below points, you’ll be able to ensure that your efforts are more successful, efficient, and at the level where you want them to be at.

  • Content needs to be as educational and informative as possible – but don’t hesitate to be fun and interesting too.
  • Promote the content consistently and by using a schedule. The more frequent and on point your posts are, the more sales ready leads you’ll be able to generate.
  • Track performance of the content, who is sharing the content, and the type of individuals who click on the content.
  • Present testimonials, quizzes, and videos on social media.
  • Nurture and keep nurturing until you are certain the lead is ready to make a buy.

By staying on track with the above points, you’ll be able to easily turn your leads into sales ready using your aggressive and quality social media campaign.

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