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5 Email Marketing Tactics that Will Boost Your Subscriber Count

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There was a time in the digital community where experts were saying that email marketing was quickly dying as an effective way to generate leads and sales for businesses.

As the years have passed and the digital atmosphere continues to change, however, statistics say that utilizing email as a marketing tactic is as effective as it has ever been.

In 2013, HubSpot reported that email marketing accounted for 13% of all leads for leads for businesses and was the third best lead generation tactic overall.

Along those same lines, the team at Convince and Convert determined that people who buy products from through email actually spend over 135% more than consumers that do not receive email offers.

Those are some pretty convincing statistics showing that email marketing is alive and well as a reliable and effective marketing tactic.

The challenge that many businesses face, however, is developing their email subscriber list to the point where their marketing methods can be effective.

So how do you grow your email list?

Well, here is a look at five email marketing tactics that are proven to help you boost your subscriber count:

#1 – Offer Something of Value for Free

In today’s world, you can no longer just tell people what you can do for them and expect them to believe you. Instead, you have to be able to prove to consumers that you have the ability to help them.

In order to do this, many marketers have turned to the tactic of offering something of value for free in exchange for a consumer’s email address.

Some businesses do this by offering things like an eBook or white paper while others utilize membership only areas or how-to guides.

The important step here is to determine what your target market needs and give it to them. Do your research and figure out what problems your desired customer base are facing and find a way to solve those problems for them.

Obviously the exact freebie or method that you use here will be based upon the exact type of customer that you are working towards attracting. You would clearly not try to attract a stay-at-home mom in the same way that you would a business executive.

Online marketing expert Denise Wakeman provides eight solid ideas for what she calls ‘gifts’ to provide to potential subscribers. Some of the more interesting gifts she talks about include teleseminars, workbooks, mp3s, or an extensive research report.

And do not be scared away by the thought of providing potential customers with too much information. The only problem that you will ever run into with this tactic is providing too little information.

#2 – Partner With Someone That Targets the Same Types of Customers

Strategic partnerships are one of the most effective ways to quickly grow your subscriber count. Working with someone in your industry that has a loyal following can be incredibly efficient.

It should be understood that this tactic is not easy. You cannot simply write an email to someone and say, “Do you want to promote each other’s businesses to boost our subscriber counts?”

In the same way that you need to provide value to your target market, you need to focus on doing the same for the people that you want to partner with.

Make up a list of 25-30 authority figures or businesses within your industry that have subscribers that would have some of the same interests that yours do.

From there, narrow down what types of problems that they face or what areas that you can help them improve.

If you are able to then create a personalized email outlining how you can help them or improve something about their business, you will significantly increase the chances of them agreeing to your offer.

Make sure you are not being overly aggressive with this tactic as you do not want to come off as arrogant or obnoxious.

#3 – Case Studies

Consumers today absolutely love case studies. Nothing gets a consumer more excited about a product or service than a clear example of social proof that it actually works.

In many instances, case studies can actually be just as effective as if a personal reference had been made to a consumer.

Think about your own purchasing habits. How much more likely are you to trust a business and purchase from them if you know that they have helped someone else?

While case studies can be a powerful way to build your subscriber count, it is important that they are done right to maximize their effectiveness.

KissMetrics wrote a great post a few years ago that provided some phenomenal tips for creating a great case study.

Some of the things that they identified as most important to an effective case study include:

  • Providing specific numbers and statistics
  • Using easy-to-understand formatting
  • Telling the story thoroughly

Once you have created your case study, you will also need to promote it in order to open up the opportunity to gain subscribers.

Value Walk provides a solid resource for discovering different ways to promote your case studies and get them out in front of potential subscribers.

#4 – Create Urgency and Scarcity

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is something that is used far too infrequently in the marketing world.

As tech expert Eric Schmidt points out, we create more content and information in a two day period today than we did in all of the year 2003. That is pretty remarkable.

That also begs the question, “How in the world do you compete with all of that content being created?”

Well, the easy answer is to be the only person to deliver a particular piece of content. The problem with that, however, is that there are very few niches left to get into.

But what a marketer can utilize to their advantage is urgency and scarcity, which can be done in a multitude of ways.

One of the best ways that this can be done is to create and promote courses that are provided to a limited number of participants. Top digital entrepreneurs like Joanna Weibe and Ramit Sethi are both huge promoters of this concept.

And, while it may seem like creating courses is far too much work for a few email subscribers, services like Open Learning make it both affordable and easy to do.

Be sure to get creative and do your own research to determine how you can use urgency and scarcity to your advantage.

#5 – Use a Pop-Up on Your Website

Just like email marketing, it was once thought that pop-ups were nothing more than a nuisance that did more harm than good.

And yet again, statistics have proven that using pop-ups on your website are as effective as they have ever been.

Marketing expert Matthew Woodward determined that his conversion rate increased by over 44% with the use of concise pop-ups that featured unique call-to-actions.

Best of all, his opt-in request did not even feature the free giveaway that was identified as the number one way to boost your subscriber count.

Combine the two and you are looking at one of the most effective and easiest ways to quickly increase both your conversions and email list.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, there is no debating that email marketing is alive and well as one of the best ways to generate leads and sales for any business.

It gives you the opportunity to communicate with your target market in a much more personal manner than just about any other method available.

While this short guide should serve you well in getting started towards boosting your subscriber count, be sure that you are regularly testing different methods to determine which works best for your particular target market.

One thing is for sure. Email marketing is here to stay.

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